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W. T. Door
12/5/2010 18:11:52

Is this on?

7/20/2012 00:15:03

Seems you can only respond to the comment already posted.

7/20/2012 00:10:57

I'm happy to be on of the patients enrolled in the allo CTL trial currently. I also feel fortunate to be in my second immunotherapy trial:

"The number of slots open for patient accrual to the
immunotherapy protocols contained in our list of open
trials totals 489. Based upon the 2010 CBTRUS estimations
that 18,980 patients will be diagnosed with a
glioma this year in the United States [1], if all available
slots were filled in a year, a highly unlikely event, it still
would represent only 2.6% participation by the patients in experimental immune testing."

Sorry to take up two of those slots but, hopefully, it will open a lot more in the future. Thanks to everyone who helped to make this trial possible.

1994: Presented with a seizure. Surgery for grade II Oligo with no further treatment- 18yo - Right frontal lobe - University of Michigan

2000: Surgery for grade II/III Oligo plus PC (without the V) chemotherapy. 1P/19Q deletions found University of Michigan

2004: Surgery for grade III Oligo plus one year of Temodar 5/23 - University of Michigan / Cleveland Clinic / Mayo Clinic

2007: Blood Brain Barrier Disruption program with Carboplatin, Melphalan and Etoposide Phosphate - Oregon Health and Sciences University / MD Anderson

2009: Brain Surgery at University of Michigan Hospitals – all visible tumor removed

2009: Proton Radiation at Mass. General Hospital

June 2009-October 2010: Vaccination clinical trial at University of Pittsburgh – Hillman Cancer Center

October 2010 - Gamma Knife Radio-surgery for focal recurrence - Hillman Cancer Center

August 2011 - Possible recurrence noted on MRI

May 2012 - Surgical removal at UCLA plus donor T-cell clinical trial


Which customization feature is available, can you mention them.

2/18/2013 19:20:27

I am unsure what you mean in terms of "customization feature." Can you elaborate? Thank you,

5/18/2016 13:19:52

The brain teamer has given us varied tension. Every human being avoid from these activities. Because we should like to avoid from the causes of the disease. This will too much harmful for every human being life.


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